Are you looking for APEX developers near you? Need a team that can handle a large coding project in a short amount of time? Read on to learn how to find reliable APEX contractors. 

LSG Solutions has used APEX since its origin

LSG Solutions has used Oracle APEX since it came on floppy discs. We’ve been around since the beginning, even before APEX hit the market. We used predecessors like WebDB, HTML DB, and Oracle Portal until we eventually shifted to an APEX-focused approach. 

Why Oracle APEX is our preferred enterprise development platform

When APEX first came out, it became a good choice for most development projects, depending on how robust they were. The initial launch was a bit rocky, but it quickly showed potential for being enterprise-worthy. That’s when we comfortable recommending Oracle APEX to our clients. 

APEX trimmed our project times down significantly, which allowed us to lower our prices and underbid our competitors. What would take months or even years to develop in Java turned into weeks/months with APEX. We cross-trained our developers to work on multiple platforms, but low-code developing on APEX proved to be the best solution time and time again.  

In fact, Oracle APEX is the reason we were able to complete a widescale project for the Department of Corrections within a tight deadline. Their in-house developers admitted that they would have never been able to complete the work in the same timeframe, largely because of the development platform they were using. 

Where to find APEX developers

LSG Solutions has a full staff of APEX developers who’d be happy to assist you with your project. Whether you want a dedicated team to do the work for you or you’d like a senior-level APEX consultant to work with your existing team, our development company is here to help. We have flexible solutions to accommodate a variety of structures, and we won’t hold you to giant agreements like a Big 5 consulting company would. 

Our APEX contractors are based in Oklahoma City, OK, but we service clients far beyond our area. That’s the beauty of cloud technology and the advanced opportunities that come with Oracle APEX. Traditional office setups rely heavily on software connected to laptops, but the innovative approach of APEX cuts those ties completely. We can work just about anywhere and help just about anyone. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an APEX developer.  

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