Oracle Data Safe is a console for Oracle Databases that provides critical safety and security features in one convenient location. Users can evaluate risks, manage sensitive data, review user activity, maintain data security compliance, and conduct a range of other security measures through this central dashboard. Let’s explore some of the key features of Data Safe and how it’s paving the way for enhanced online security.

Features of Oracle Data Safe

The Data Safe console showcases critical security information, with access to a more detailed overview of each component. The primary elements on the dashboard are:

  • Database Security Assessment: Ensure that databases are securely configured, create a baseline to identify configuration risks, and review actionable reports with security recommendations.
  • User Risk Assessment: Review user privileges, identify high-risk users, assess user activities, and identify profiles with static/weak passwords.
  • Activity Auditing: Pinpoint potentially risky actions in user and admin activity.
  • Sensitive Data Discovery: Discover how much sensitive data is being stored and where, creating a clear path for data protection. Data Safe comes with 125+ predefined sensitive data types, including Social Security Numbers, tax IDs, IP addresses, dates of birth, etc.
  • Data Masking: Mask data identified through Sensitive Data Discovery. 

Data Safe includes the security features users usually pay separate fees for, all bundled with the Oracle Cloud subscription.

Ongoing maintenance for data security

One of the best features of Data Safe is storing a baseline to compare to in the future. Users can set custom notifications for potential security threats, and Data Safe will run scheduled assessments to compare to the baseline. For example, if a new user creates an account with full access, that action could be marked and flagged for review. This allows for ongoing data security maintenance based on each business’s unique needs.

Data Safe can be used in cloud or on-premises

Oracle Data Safe is available in all 20 Oracle Cloud regions worldwide, and you can also use it on-premises. This includes all Oracle Databases: Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, and Oracle Database Standard Edition. All it requires is a simple on-prem connector that takes about 10 minutes to set up.

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