The most powerful database globally, Oracle, has now become the simplest database to use because it’s fully automated. Developers can create a secure self-driving database in minutes. And it’s so much faster than other databases that Oracle guarantees it will cut your Amazon bill in half.

A lot of Oracle’s new customers came on board after testing Oracle’s performance versus Amazon. They saw that they were getting dramatically better price performance.

Of course, it’s one thing to say that Oracle Autonomous Database can save you money. It’s another thing altogether to actually look at some examples.


OUTFRONT is an excellent example of cost savings. They have a revenue forecasting application that went from six minutes of execution time to two seconds. When you pay by the minute, that creates a huge cost reduction! And it also gets much faster results.

“With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we now have a high performance, self tuning data warehouse to quickly process complex revenue forecasting queries and a flexible cost model that we can scale on-demand without any administration.”

Derek Hayden, VP of Data Strategy & Analytics, OUTFRONT Media


TaylorMade experienced substantial performance increases and cost reduction as well. They saw forty times faster report performance. Think of that in terms of money! Their bill went down by a factor of forty, not just half.

“With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we now have a scalable, low-cost cloud platform to power our business. This will help sustain growth and free up valuable employee time so they can focus on more mission-critical initiatives.”

Tom Collard, VP of IT, TaylorMade

JASCI Software

JASCI Software is a SaaS platform for optimizing warehouse inventory, orders, people, robotics, and more. They now run order processing 100 times faster. That’s a 99% cost savings, as well as increased performance for their customers!

“With Oracle Autonomous Database, JASCI is revolutionizing logistics so our customers can deliver orders of an ever expanding product line faster and successfully compete in the age of next-day shipping.”

Craig Wilensky, CEO, JASCI Software

The reason Oracle can guarantee you will cut your Amazon bill in half is that, in reality, switching to Oracle Autonomous Database will do much more than that.

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