As the old saying goes, time is money. Oracle has really taken that concept to heart when it comes to their Oracle Autonomous Database—ADB. They are absolutely obsessed with making it run fast.

If you’re paying for resources by the minute, and Oracle’s offering runs twice as fast as their competitor, your bill is cut in half! Better performance directly lowers your cost.

Let’s take a look at how Oracle ADB optimizes performance.

To start with, Oracle ADB is serverless. If your application that uses the database isn’t currently running, then you have zero compute charges. That’s different than most options out there.

Second, it’s elastic. You can instantly add or delete CPUs to match the workload while the system is actually running. That means you can run faster as needed and pay less. You only pay for what you use.

Third, as Oracle ADB runs, it is constantly fine-tuning performance. Machine learning allows it to continually optimize itself for each workload. It automatically creates and drops…

  • Indexes for transaction processing
  • Data summaries for analytics
  • Columnar vector-processing formats

It also continually automatically parallelizes the workload to further increase efficiency.

Finally, the hardware and software the system uses is fast. The system runs on Exadata, which is the world’s fastest database platform. It utilizes the latest NVMe flash, RDMA, smart offload of queries, and automatic elastic scaling for both OLTP and Analytics.

Wondering if Oracle ADB might be a good fit for your company? Contact us here at LSG Solutions. We’ll help you take a look at your situation and see what the best option is.

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