For the first time, the technology behind Oracle Autonomous Database is now available to Oracle customers who host their own data with Gen2 Cloud@Customer. It has all the advantages of Oracle’s public cloud, but behind your own firewall.

With Gen2 Cloud@Customer, the most important service you’d expect to get is the autonomous database, and that’s available now. You use the same management console for managing both the Public Cloud and the Cloud@Customer.

You can see all your databases on one screen, whether they’re in the cloud or locally on your network. You can even move a Public Cloud database into Cloud@Customer or vice versa.

Just like you would expect, it’s fully serverless and fully elastic. You only pay for what you use with Universal Credit. And unlike Gen1 Cloud@Customer, it’s much quicker to install and configure, talking just a few days.

Perhaps best of all, all Oracle customers that have Gen1 Cloud@Customer now get Gen2 Cloud@Customer for free. Oracle engineers will upgrade your hardware and software.

Oracle has a lot of on-premise customers, so this is huge news for them. You’ll get all the benefits you would from running Oracle Autonomous Database in the cloud, including:

  • Continue running during database server hardware failures
  • Continue running during database software failures
  • Continue running during backup, failover, and recovery
  • Continual optimization for each workload
  • Automatically creates and drops indexes for transaction processing
  • Automatically creates and drops data summaries for analytics
  • Automatically creates and drops Columnar vector-processing formats

Are you wondering if Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud@Customer might be a good fit for your organization? Contact our team at LSG Solutions. We will help you find out if it’s a good option for you.

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