Want to eliminate data loss? The only way to eliminate data loss is to eliminate human error. And how do you do that? By eliminating human labor in your database. That’s where the Oracle Autonomous Database—ADB—comes in, part of Oracle Autonomous Services.

Human error is responsible for a big part of catastrophic data loss. And the only way to prevent that is to eliminate human error.

The other major source of catastrophic data loss is hardware and software errors. Unfortunately, those cannot be eliminated. Fortunately, the Oracle ADB addresses that issue by assuming hardware and software will fail at some point and by having mechanisms in place to handle that failure.

Specifically, it will…

  • Keep running during database server hardware failures
  • Keep running during database software failures
  • Keep running during backup, failover, and recovery

The Oracle ADB provides 99.995% availability. That’s less than 2.5 minutes downtime per month, which is twenty-five times more reliable than Amazon databases! It’s a fault-tolerant system that doesn’t care if the hardware or software fails.

In fact, the entire data center can fail, and the system just switches over to another data center. You wouldn’t even notice a hiccup in your usage.

The system is automatically secure as well, end-to-end. Full encryption is always on, providing complete data privacy. Administrators are not able to see user data at all. In additional, security patches are automatically applied while the system is running, requiring no downtime.

It’s the most secure database in the world!

If you want to discuss whether Oracle ADB might be a good fit for you, contact us here at LSG Solutions. We’ll help you analyze the situation and make the right choice.

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