Oracle’s Application Express platform is the world’s most popular low-code environment for enterprise apps, and the newest release not only brings the same features people have come to rely on, but it also adds to them.

Faceted search

APEX has supported Faceted Search for a while, but this new release extends it. Now Faceted Search supports cascading lists of values and conditional facets, as well as a few other QOL enhancements. These two make it much easier to find the data you want rapidly by giving you more control over how to filter your results.

Mega menus

Mega Menus turn navigation into a floating panel that allows access to every navigation option at once. They allow direct access to different areas within an app. These menus adjust automatically to the size of the screen, and they come with a variety of templates that will fit any type of app.

Keyboard navigation works within the menu, making things easier for people who need alternate input methods for accessibility. Icons, descriptions, and badges can be used to extend the items that are listed as well.

Redwood integration

Oracle’s new UX design system, called Redwood, now works with APEX. The visuals work both in APEX and in the App Builder. Dark and light modes match OS preferences.

URL syntax revamp

URLs for apps now have a much friendlier structure, following SEO parameters that make it easier for both computers and humans to figure out what the URL points to. Application and page aliases will now be part of the URL instead of application and page numbers so it’s clearer what they actually point to.

Application lifecycle

Apps now have multiple improvements to their lifecycle, including automatic backups daily when there have been changes made (up to 30 backups saved). Apps can be exported as ZIP files now too. Remote app deployment is available through ADB or elsewhere.

Native PDF printing

PDF files can now be printed directly from Interactive Grids. Grid formatting remains, and PDF settings can be customized.

There are a whole host of new features, extras, and QOL improvements that came with APEX 20.1. Oracle’s blog lists many, but you can also find them on the Release Notes. If you want to develop in Oracle APEX, let us help. Contact LSG Solutions today for all your Oracle needs.

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