Oracle’s E-Business Suite has been around for a good long while, and in some ways it shows its age.

It’s built well, but the UI is definitely dated. There are a lot of options there and newer UIs are more streamlined. The E-Business Suite isn’t built for current-day applications the same way something newer might be.

But APEX can change that. Oracle’s APEX platform can help you harness and extend the capabilities of EBS for a new generation.

How does APEX fit?

APEX is a popular low-code platform that’s designed for easy enterprise app use. It lets programmers build stable, low-code apps. And with the cloud capabilities you can deploy these applications anywhere.

But now they’re integrated with E-Business Suite in a way they haven’t been before. Using APEX, you can build front ends and applications that make it easier. Data entry and other regular tasks can be tough on older EBS installs. Oracle Forms, Oracle Application Framework and Oracle Reports used to be the go-to implementations for EBS, but now they’re being neglected in favor of APEX. The low-code implementation of APEX makes it easy to build for EBS.

APEX will handle the complex parts of EBS in the background while making a simple, web-based front end that anyone can use. It makes it a lot easier for new people to learn the process. If you’ve been having trouble getting people to learn EBS, you can strip out a lot of the complexity with APEX.

Current Oracle database integration

Oracle APEX is the no-cost database option, and it currently supports up to database version 19.3C on EBS if you’re updated to the current version of APEX. You can use new functionality like the API for loading Excel spreadsheets, faceted search and easier integration with Forms. Redwood integration and friendlier URLs are also part of the new experience.

If you want to use EBS with a friendlier, more efficient front end, consider integrating it with APEX, And if you need a hand with anything to do with your Oracle products, contact us at LSG Solutions. We’ll help you get a handle on your IT.

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