It seems like I can’t go online without seeing an anti-Oracle rant against their cloud solutions. Apparently Wall Street is disappointed that Oracle hasn’t migrated a big portion of their customer base to the cloud.

Not everything belongs on the cloud!

We seem to be living on cloud nine as far as moving to the cloud goes. Don’t get me wrong, the Oracle cloud is a great option for a lot of our clients and projects. And with a lot of the Oracle systems we work with, it’s not as simple as, “Let’s pack everything up and move it to the cloud.” There is complexity we have to deal with.

But with large enterprise applications, the cloud isn’t always a good option. Most larger organizations can’t—and shouldn’t—pick up their whole data center and move it to the cloud.

Let’s take large Oracle-based financial systems for example. Yes, there may be technical hurdles to overcome in moving any project to the cloud. But a financial system has additional issues that result in a migration to the cloud not always being the best choice.

When you move to the cloud, you no longer have direct control over when and what features are released. If a feature is released and it breaks a report that your CEO relies on to run the company, you may be out of luck.

And yet all the tech writers online and Wall Street are complaining that not all Oracle customers have moved to the cloud. One statistic I see quoted frequently is that 47% of the people surveyed say they’re not migrating any of their application to the Oracle cloud.

It doesn’t say 47% of the people are dropping Oracle. Maybe, just maybe, not all of those systems should actually be on the cloud.

At LSG, we work with those that are on the cloud and those that aren’t on the cloud. Want to make the transition? Great. We can advise you on that and help with the migration. Don’t want to make the transition at all, or just want to wait? That’s okay too.

In general, we’re fairly platform agnostic. We know that different platforms make sense in different situations. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Oracle cloud, AWS, or which programming language you want us to use. We want to use whatever makes sense for your situation.

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