Oracle Database Appliance is a powerful system. It’s pre-built and pre-configured, and it integrates the software, storage, computing, and network resources needed for a continuously available database system. The system is built with redundancies so that it continues working even if one component fails.

The problem with Oracle Database Appliance is that it can be a bit of a behemoth to manage for some organizations. Over the years, we’ve seen two things happen with organizations who use Oracle Database Appliance.

First, staff turnover happens, and the people involved in the initial purchase are gone. The people left at the company to support it weren’t involved in the purchase, and they may not have the skills to manage and maintain it. As new releases and patches occur, there can be some weekend maintenance required, and the company may not have the staff necessary to cover it.

Second, it can be hard to hire a staff person with the right combination of skills to manage Oracle Database Appliance. Since it’s multiple technologies in one system, it doesn’t fit cleanly with one specific job title in IT. Is it the network administrator? Database administrator? System or server administrator? It’s actually all of those positions in one, but most organizations aren’t structured in a way where all of those positions work together on one system.

When it comes to managing Oracle Database Appliance, many companies choose to outsource that support. By outsourcing, the company is guaranteed to have the necessary skills and confidence to maintain the system, and they have someone to handle weekend upgrades and any troubleshooting that’s necessary.

At LSG Solutions, we offer a monthly managed services package for Oracle Database Appliance. We support the database and any patches or upgrades, as well as any hardware issues that may occur through both on-site and off-site support. We work with companies to identify the capabilities of their existing staff and then provide supplemental support to ensure proper management and maintenance of the Oracle Database Appliance system.

If your company uses Oracle Database Appliance and wants to ensure that the systems remains fully functional, contact us today for more information.

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