checking-information-on-phoneLSG Solutions is proud of our work on the Oklahoma Sex & Violent Offender Registry. Over the years, there have been many changes made and new features offered in hopes of providing more information to the public.

As our work on this system continues, we are entering the next phase of development. Coming in the spring of 2017, the registry will offer new features, including a mobile interface.

Currently, the site features the same image on desktops and mobile devices. This forces mobile users to zoom in multiple times for readability.

In an effort to add mobile responsiveness to the site, here are new features we are working on:

  • Community alerts: This will allow users to sign up to receive mobile alerts when a sex offender moves into a selected geographical area.
  • Area scanning: You can scan the area you are in to see registered offenders in up to a five-mile radius.
  • Greater functionality: The mobile interface will allow for increased functionality, which should lead to a better experience for the user.

We know it is essential to keep the sex offender registry updated to interface with current technology. We feel confident that expanding the site in this way will allow more people to access the information they need.

This build-out will most likely be launched to the public in phases. Our hope is that with the mobile interface, we will see an increase in items like signups for the community alerts. We also anticipate that traffic to the Oklahoma Sex & Violent Offender Registry website will increase.

At LSG Solutions we are committed to serving our customers and our community. Our continued work on the sex offender registry is an example of that commitment. We look forward to providing this information and making it accessible to all Oklahomans.

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