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Why you need a REAL backup solution

Services like Dropbox and Google Drive are great for syncing data across all of your devices. Unfortunately, many businesses rely on syncing services for backup and disaster recovery without realizing that the products aren’t meant for those tasks. If you’re relying on a Dropbox-like service for backup and disaster recovery you may be in for [...]

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Losing control of mobile devices?

Managing cell phones and tablets has become a huge issue for small businesses. Mobile devices issued to employees are difficult to keep track of and expose companies to a number of security and HR issues. Large companies can afford to purchase expensive management software and dedicated staff to handle mobile hardware. Small companies obviously don’t [...]

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Three things to consider before starting your next government project

If there’s one thing that stays constant with technology it’s that it’s always changing. Right now, state agencies and local governments across Oklahoma are working to modernize their systems to meet the needs of their customers and new compliance requirements. And many are struggling to keep up. If your agency or government is trying to [...]

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Oklahoma government IT purchasing – ITSW1025

IT purchasing has always been a challenge for state and local governments. Juggling multiple contracts and approved vendor lists make it difficult to figure out where to go for the things you need. Fortunately, Oklahoma’s recent CIO consolidation has simplified IT purchasing and made it easier than ever for state and local entities to get [...]

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Why the Oklahoma Violent Offender Registry Needs Your Help

The public reaction to the updated Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry (OSOR) has been overwhelmingly positive but one question keeps coming up across social media and the web: "So there's a registry for sex offenders. Why isn't there one for murderers?" Actually, there is. Violent offender registries haven't received support at the federal level, but the [...]

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