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Why Datapeers?

January 19th, 2016

Database copyingData needs are ever changing within organizations. In order to test environments or new features for that data, it’s necessary to make a copy of the database.

This can be problematic, especially with large databases. Not only can the task of copying the database take a large amount of time and manpower, ensuring there is enough storage, both for the actual database and the test copy can be a challenge.

Datapeers was created to resolve these and other issues. Here are just a few of the benefits.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Instead of the headache of purchasing extra data storage, just for testing purposes, Datapeers allows you to copy just what you need, thus reducing storage costs.

This allows needed information to be copied directly from the original database without copying the entire database, which may be several terabytes.

Because it also minimizes the environments deployment times, this saves resources during testing.

Delivers Quality Data

One of the challenges of large databases is inaccuracy when information is copied. Datapeers corrects that issue by only copying the needed information.

This can be especially critical when testing needs to be accomplished with real-time production data. Instead of test information being days or weeks old, fresh data can be used in a subset database environment.

Protects Sensitive Information

Does your organization need to share its sensitive data, which could reveal confidential information in the process, to a third party? Is your organization faced with data protection laws?

The protection of your organization’s sensitive information is paramount, especially during testing or training and development. The use of Datapeers can insure that your company’s test data policies are being enforced.

Fast and Easy to Use

Finally, Datapeers provides a way to simplify the complex. Quit spending large amounts of man-hours year after year securing and prepping sensitive data in non-production database environments.

Datapeers allows the work to be done of the front end, without having to replicate the entire database during the test of every new feature. This drastically reduces testing preparation time.

As the face of data storage and management continues to change, Datapeers seeks to solve the associated problems. Allowing greater efficiency in testing and development generates efficiency in all areas of business, providing a winning solution.

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Avoid data leaks by keeping your data under control

March 19th, 2013

Chances are, your business has data that you'd like to keep private. It might be financial information, a customer database, or maybe something as simple as a vendor list. Leaks of that data could cause your business big problems, opening you up to lawsuits or a damaged reputation.

So how can you avoid data leaks and keep your data under control?

A recent LinkedIn survey asked business leaders what their biggest concern was in regards to keeping their data private.

Data privacy is a top priority for us as well and the results of LinkedIn's poll match what we've heard from our customers. We address those concerns by using the Datapeers application suite.

Data everywhere

Whenever there's a data leak in the news, it's common to find out after the fact that the leaked data was from a copy of database on a file server or an employee's computer. While the production database might have effective safeguards in place to prevent a breach, copies of that same database might be lying in the open.

There are many valid reasons to make a copy of a database: to populate test and development environments, to setup user training, or to provide data to third-parties like law enforcement or auditors.

It's difficult to keep track of that data though. And all too often, these copies contain sensitive information, whether it's needed or not. This is where using Datapeers really helps keep copies of data under control.

When making copies of databases, Datapeers can not only filter out just the data subset needed for the particular project, but can also de-identify sensitive data so that testing and other activities aren't impacted, but a leak of the copied database wouldn't contain proprietary or confidential information like customer names or financial account numbers. So if you need to provide a copy of a database to an external developer to troubleshoot an application bug, you can do so without having to worry about handing your critical data over.

On top of providing more secure database copies, Datapeers keeps detailed audit information about the copies you make with it. So you'l know who made each copy and what data was included in that copy, allowing you to keep better track of your sensitive data. This, in turn, helps prevent leaks by both internal and external data breaches, while simultaneously addressing compliancy requirements like PCI-DSS.

Paired with good policies and procedures, Datapeers can be a valuable component in building a well-rounded data security plan. The secure, documented copies it creates help take out a lot of the stress and worry that surround data privacy.

Poll data: LinkedIn

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Keep your critical data secure during development with Datapeers

February 19th, 2013

Building great applications depends on having access to great data. This is especially true when migrating from a legacy application. If the new application isn't being built around the same data the old application uses, developers wind up chasing down problems instead of writing code – wasting time and money.

Luckily, there's an easy way to reign in unwieldy data and provide developers with everything they need to stay productive, all while keeping your critical data safe and secure. It's called Datapeers.

What is Datapeers?

Datapeers is a software suite for securing, controlling, and extracting data. If you've ever struggled with pulling data from a legacy database or worried about the sensitivity of data you were handing over to a development team, Datapeers is the solution.

Ensuring quality

Datapeers has powerful filtering and subsetting capabilities for pulling exactly what's needed from production databases – nothing less, nothing more. This is obviously good for security, but also helps ensure quality.

Sometimes, especially with databases that have been in use for several years, it's useful to limit what's extracted. Due to software flaws or simply the random events that occur over time, a legacy database might contain a lot of junk and duplicate data that would be better left behind. Datapeers' extraction tools can help filter and clean data, ensuring higher quality in the new environment.

Securing your data

Most companies have sensitive information in their databases, and special care needs to be taken when copying data for testing and development or when providing it to third-parties. Datapeers provides a set of tools for securing data so businesses don't have to worry about what they're handing over or copying on their servers.

For example: Say you needed to provide your development team with a copy of your customer database, but were worried about exposing information like credit card or Social Security numbers. You could use Datapeers to create subsets of that data that didn't contain the private information, or you could replace the private information with functional filler data that would help the developers have as close to production data as possible.

If you'd like to learn more about how Datapeers might fit into your software development activities, contact us at 405-285-2500 or

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IT PEERS Welcomes LSG Solutions as Premium Partner in the U.S.

February 1st, 2011

LSG Solutions, L.L.C., a professional services firm specializing in the integration and implementation of technology-focused business solutions, has joined IT PEERS' sales and delivery channel as a premium partner. IT PEERS' products focus on company accountability down to the customer data level. MULTIPEERS resolves the 10+ year old web issue of passive self-service software solutions that do not effectively push data out to key decisions makers and operations. DATAPEERS addresses the fact that too many companies are mishandling their sensitive back-office and customer data. Alan Sheppard, LSG President along with Mark Musser, Director of Business Development, believe IT PEERS solutions will create a new standard of communication, accountability and security for its customers and surrounding market.

Per Sheppard, "Organizations require better visibility into their performance than todays adopted technologies". MULTIPEERS removes the transparency and visibility barriers decision makers face by providing an integrated view of multiple data sources via a rich dashboard for the desktop and mobile devices. IT PEERS products allow businesses:

  • to monitor, in real-time, company performance
  • collect transactional feedback on business events, employee communication, etc.
  • improve governance and accountability
  • simply integrate within your current heterogeneous IT infrastructure

“We are very excited to join forces with LSG Solutions and Alan’s team. They have a great history of success in the area and are exactly the partner for this type of leading edge technology. Their customers and references attest to the professionalism and capabilities the team offers. This team along with DATAPEERS and MULTIPEERS products will provide a new and refreshing offering to the companies they serve and new markets in the region”. Said Jeff Seabloom, SVP, IT PEERS.

About LSG Solutions

LSG Solutions, L.L.C. is a professional services firm specializing in the integration and implementation of technology-focused business solutions centered on ITPEERS, Oracle and Microsoft enterprise software solutions. LSG Solutions is a Microsoft and Oracle Gold Certified Partner along with a Premium ITPEERS working partnership, serving both public and private sectors. Besides offering superior IT services, LSG Solutions offers small business software hosting, database remote control and other packaged offerings.

Contact Info

Contact Us via email or call Alan Sheppard at (405) 285-2500.

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