We contribute our sound fundamentals in just six short years as our focus on our clients and our consultants. Our culture on building equity in the business is centered on controlling costs. Our priorities are: 1) competitive salaries with outstanding benefits, 2) training for our employees continued growth and 3) personal productivity with laptops and mobile devices. A savings that we can provide to our customers is that our employees can provide services on-site, as well as, off-site (at the LSG office). Our clients are not burdened with providing a working environment (pc, office space, telephone, etc.) for our consultants. Many of our software development projects, both large and small, have occurred at the LSG office.

We are based in Oklahoma and all of our employees are residents of this great state. Our superior customer service is a reflection of the commitment the company has to each consultant as well as to each customer. LSG Solutions provides an environment that promotes personal and professional growth for each consultant through projects that utilize the latest and most robust technology tools. In addition, we are committed to thorough training that enhances each individual’s technical skills. LSG Solutions is committed to:

  • Maintaining customer satisfaction
  • Retaining a quality staff
  • Ensuring financial viability
  • Making positive contributions to the business community

Treating our clients as business partners has fostered many loyal and long-term customers. Our clients in the past have primarily been the State of Oklahoma, the Federal Government and top commercial businesses in Oklahoma. With our expertise and depth of capability in the public and private sectors, we have built long-term relationships with our customers by improving their business and IT performance, reducing their costs, and increasing their organizational flexibility. We will continue to achieve recurring revenue as a result of our relationships and multi-year contracts with these long-term clients.