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March 2017

Oracle 12c R2 database available to on-premise

March 10th, 2017

Released in 2013 to all customers (on-premise and cloud / DBaaS), 12c was available for purchase or upgrade for any customer. However, Oracle 12C R2 is Oracle Corporation’s first database release available only to database cloud (DBaaS) customers, in October 2016. In order to boost ‘cloud’ revenues, the Oracle 12c R2 version was no where available to download for supported customers for months.

However, recently Oracle made available, Release 2 of 12C, to the on-premise customer. Linux customers were the first to benefit from the wait while Windows customers were appeased later, in March 2017.


With this new release of 12C, customers can expect:

  • The elimination of downtime with specific features
  • The ability to perform maintenance without taking the system offline
  • Improved performance
  • Improved Multitenant architecture allowing for more databases per virtual or physical server.
  • Further streamlining of space consumption and overhead of indexes
  • The ability to perform simulations with a timeline predictor
  • “Hot cloning” (a copy made without shutting down the source database)
  • Ability to perform simulations for enabled features
  • Ability to split items up across multiple databases, or to offload one thing into multiple databases
  • Increased memory

Moving organizations forward

Oracle understands the demands on business and organizations to do more with less. Their commitment to improved systems allows customers to do just that.

With ever-expanding features, this is a good time to assess your organization’s database and support timeline. It may be time for an upgrade. Though upgrading may seem expensive, when compared to the loss of productivity due to system downtime or inability to access data, the long-term benefit is often well worth the expense.

If you are considering upgrading to Oracle 12C or have general questions about your database, please let us know. We offer a wide range of services to assess what you have and help you plan what you need as your business scales.

Oracle 12c Whitepaper

Transforming Data Management – March 2017

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Leaving the nest: biz-E stands alone

March 7th, 2017

For many years, LSG Solutions met the IT needs of medium to large business. During that time, we also recognized the opportunity for services targeted to small business.

Small business clients were investing in software solutions (SaaS) via the internet that quickly enabled the HR, CRM, Sales, and Accounting functions of their companies but created data integration issues.

Eventually, this service-based solution with inexpensive database software morphed with the small business’ office IT support.

Through the database and software services that LSG Solutions already offered to medium and large Oklahoma business, we determined there was a significant need for those services on a small-business scale. We were uniquely positioned to meet that need, and we created a new branch of LSG Solutions to do it: biz-E.

Over the past few years, we’ve worked to build strong relationships with small business owners, gaining their trust and meeting their needs.

As biz-E grew as an arm of LSG Solutions, 2016 seemed the right time to start branding it. This branding included blogs, social media, and a specialized website. This branding effort led to further growth.

So, this year, we are proud to announce that biz-E is now a separate entity from LSG Solutions. Customers can still expect the same quality service and communication. Separating biz-E from LSG Solutions allows our dedicated biz-E team members to concentrate their area of expertise specifically to our small business clients.

Some of the services biz-E offers includes:

  • Managed IT services
  • Data integration solutions
  • IT alignment with business processes
  • Data and software security
  • Cash-flow friendly, fixed-cost services

For more information on how biz-E can meet your small business IT needs, contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.

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