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How Kanban transformed our company

At LSG Solutions, we're firm believers in the fact that systematic processes lead to more predictable outcomes, and that lessons learned create even more predictability over time. It's a lesson I learned while working at a manufacturing plant during college. They allocated time for employees to think about process improvement and implement ideas, which had [...]

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The importance of finishing what you start

There was a time in the past (and still today at some companies) that software developers and users suffered from shiny object syndrome. Big ideas got tossed around and started, but projects didn't get finished, or they looked dramatically different than the original idea. Often those projects started with too many requirements or a lack [...]

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Reflecting on the days of pre-agile-scrum software development

Long before agile software development started to mature, LSG leader Alan Sheppard recognized that there were significant challenges in the way things were done. Organizations struggled to create and manage a product when trying to balance the software developers' approach, the business expectations, and the conservative risk managers' requirements. Too many people couldn't see eye [...]

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Understanding software estimates based on time

We previously explained that a realistic budget based on a realistic understanding of the product is the best recipe for a realistic estimate. However, budget is not the only consideration. You also have to consider the time that it will take to complete a project and how your request for proposal can influence time. Some [...]

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