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June 2017

Why staff experience matters for our clients

June 20th, 2017

We often get asked if we are a contracting firm. The simple answer to that is, “No.”

LSG Solutions does not hire newbies into entry-level positions and then try to train them to be the equivalent of a skilled worker. Contracting firms typically hire three new employees for every one skilled worker.

We pride ourselves on being a skills employer, rather than taking the the “body shop approach” that some IT companies take. We invest heavily in our team members and in addition, subcontract our FTE staff with some of the best technologists who enjoy our projects and our approach to client projects.

We do not guess and assume someone has proper skills based on a resume. We vet for the advertised experience by the in-house experience we already have. Our hiring process is rigorous to ensure we have the most skilled talent available to our clients.

Technology experience

The team at LSG is comprised of people with a wide variety of technology experience. This, combined with continuing education into the latest advancements, means our people have a “big picture” view of projects and their future impacts.

Project management

If you have read a few of our past blog posts, you’re probably with familiar with our commitment to project management. Ensuring transparency, completing project goals, and building lasting relationships drives our team members.

Our employees don’t think like technicians. We approach our work as project managers, understanding the importance of accountability, building trust, and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Our staff brings experience, technology, advisory, and project management experience. Our focus is on your deliverables, not our hours on a timesheet. We believe these are the qualities that help us collaborate with clients and move their business forward.

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Visibility into your Project – a MUST

June 6th, 2017

We often get contacted to fix broken IT projects. Once we’re involved, we often see common themes emerge.

For those who are charged with overseeing the project, having a few clear strategies in mind at the outset can make all the difference.

Here are things to plan for to keep your IT project on track.

Build a team

A project manager will likely be assigned to oversee the project via the vendor. However, it is essential that the customer have representation to provide proper oversight, as well.

From our experience, we find it’s best for customers have their own project manager. This gives two varied perspectives for managing the project.

End-users must have a voice at every step of the planning and implementation phase. They have unique insight into what is needed, what isn’t needed, and what’s actually practical from an operational aspect.

Decide what 100% completion means

The vendor and the customer may have very different views of what 100% project completion means. Before the project begins, set a target goal everyone agrees on.

This ensures everyone understands the expectation, and it limits miscommunication.

Set project metrics and targets

Incremental targets help the entire project team stay on track. It also creates an opportunity to identify gaps early on.

As a group, consensus should be made on metrics for tracking the targets and the incremental milestones. This helps build accountability and trust between work groups.

Ask questions

Team members should feel free to ask tough questions. Even if you have limited experience overseeing an IT project, questions can educate you to the various components and processes of a project.

If questions cannot be answered, project members should be tasked with finding the answers.

Again, this keeps the project running smoothly and helps avoid future roadblocks.

Whatever IT project comes your way, it’s important to both vendor and customer have transparency about the project scope and processes.

If you need help moving a project forward or getting one started, please contact us. We value the opportunity to partner with organizations to meet their IT needs.

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