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November 2016

Overcoming common software testing challenges

November 1st, 2016

testing-softwareWhen you’re in a hurry, it’s easy look past the test phase of implementing new software. However, testing is essential to avoid future problems.

When software rolls out with bugs, it can become a huge morale problem, involving the extension of deadlines and increased cost. Here are some common challenges in software testing, and ways that you can overcome them.

Unskilled testers

Just because someone possesses technical skills doesn’t mean they are a good fit for testing software. The trick here is to find people who understand the business needs and how the software should promote them.

Failure to plan ahead

Too often, test plans are put together as the project is winding down or not at all. A test plan should have an appropriate structure with a checklist of items to be tested in various environments and conditions.

A test plan developed at the beginning of a project can build in check points to catch issues before they become major challenges. A thorough plan can also help reign in the scope creep that inevitably happens.

Lack of automated testing

Automated testing allows you to run scenarios over and over, which becomes even more important as you increase functionality. Since software often operates in a changing environment, it’s important to set automated testing to catch bugs before they become a problem.

Inability to test the unknown

Despite your team’s best efforts, you can never plan for every scenario. It’s essential that you are working closely with project managers and appropriate stakeholders to keep them informed on project developments.

This relationship can prove educational for the business stakeholders, giving them a more holistic perspective to software development and implementation.

Whatever challenges you face in testing software, resources are available to help you overcome them. The team at LSG Solutions is always ready to answers your questions, or work with your business to chart a way forward.

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