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May 2015

Keep ODA upgraded

May 19th, 2015

Upgrade hardwareFeel like upgrades and new software are offered for databases and systems at a rapid pace? You're right, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

As web development grows and evolves, the need for system updates that keep pace with the changes is imperative. The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is no different.

Recently, we talked about the latest upgrade, ODA X5-2. It's full of features that make the roll out of a new database and application infrastructure quick and efficient.

If you don't upgrade on a continual basis, you're taking a risk of being left with an unsupported product.

Though you may feel like upgrading a few years ago took care of your issues, there have been a large volume of changes in Oracle’s systems in the past three years. What that means is that older systems grow more and more inefficient, and end up becoming unsupported.

Also, upgrading your software on a regular basis can greatly reduce the actual time spent upgrading. For example, if you have performed regular upgrades to your system, an upgrade to a whole stack may take as little as eight hours. However, failing to upgrade on a regular basis can mean that when upgrades finally do take place, they could take days to perform.

If your organization needs to discuss upgrades or new software, please contact us. We can discuss options to insure your business stays current in a changing climate.

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Easier customization of web applications

May 5th, 2015

Configurable web applicationAs anyone who has ever tried to customize web applications knows, the time and resources needed to get it done with the desired look and feel in front of a customer can be tedious. Oracle’s Application Express (APEX) 5.0 has been designed to alleviate that problem. There are new features with this product, namely the universal theme, that greatly allow for ease of customization.

Oracle has continually upgraded APEX to adapt to changes in web development. With APEX 4.2, Oracle put heavy emphasis on the development of mobile capabilities. APEX 5.0 continues the emphasis on mobile capabilities, while also focusing on applications that increase the productivity of developers.

In the past, APEX was useful in building functional web applications. Though functional, it did not necessarily create engaging web applications. Engagement comes with the look and feel of the UI. This gives users a positive experience and keeps them coming back.

Oracle has captured that balance of functionality and visual appeal with this latest version of APEX. It is a highly configurable system, customizable even for those with no knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

New features include:

  • Custom plug-in attributes to improve usability
  • Improved navigation
  • Theme Roller, which does not require CSS in order to change the look of a theme
  • Integration of Font Awesome
  • Template options
  • Enhanced grid layout

With all of the changes, APEX 5.0 is a highly customizable solution for web application needs. This product is available with a free account on Oracle’s Cloud platform. As always, Oracle continues develop product to meet the changing needs of customers.

If your organization would like to discuss the new features of APEX 5.0 or have questions on the data solutions we offer, please contact us.

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