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January 2014

Three benefits of working with an Oracle Gold Partner

January 21st, 2014

BENEFITSMany companies and government agencies are short on resources and project managers often don't feel like they have time to build relationships with local partners. So when it comes time to purchase, they go straight to Oracle and what they perceive as a sure safe bet.

In some cases, that may be the right decision. But you should be aware there are some significant benefits to working with your local Oracle Gold Partner.

No pressure sales

Unlike, Oracle's corporate salesforce, we're not subject to any sales quotas and our salespeople aren't pushed to sell a "product of the season". Our sales commissions are the same regardless of what products you purchase.

That means our sales staff aren't pressured to push products on you that you may or may not need. We can take the time to understand the actually needs of your business and fit you with the perfect solution to address those needs.


We typically implement what we sell, so the engineering and sales team have a tight relationship and can hold each other accountable for each side of the process. This prevents finger-pointing situations.

If there is a problem, our teams work together to solve it, instead of leaving your project in the lurch while everyone works to assign blame. This set of checks and balances between our teams makes sure you get the right solution for your business problem and keeps your project on track.

Long term strategy

It's easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Since big vendors bounce between so many different customers and projects, their focus tends to be purely on immediate goals. That focus can sometimes lead to poor decisions that will put you in a future bind.

We're a part of the local community, so we want to see your organization succeed. That means taking a longer-term view when it comes to working with you.

Since we're not being stretched between thousands of customers across the globe, we can work closely with you to develop a technology plan that addresses the needs of your business today, tomorrow, and five years from now.

We'll work with you to answer not only "How does this technology fit into our current project?" but also "How does this technology fit into our long-term strategy?" The end result is a technology platform that's tightly integrated and flexible to future needs.

If you've been going straight to Oracle for all of your projects you may have been missing out on these advantages. A quick call or e-mail to your local Oracle Gold Partner is a small time investment that might reap great rewards.

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Struggling to make sense of Oracle licensing?

January 7th, 2014

licensingSoftware licenses can be a pain to manage. When you're working on a new project, it's often hard to determine which licenses you actually need. And as product names and licensing programs change over time, many companies struggle to keep up with what needs to be renewed and what can be left behind.

If you're using Oracle technologies in your organization and facing these types of issues, it may be time to ask for help.

"But what do a I really need?"

You may be starting a new project and drowning in the complexity of all the different product names and tiers. Maybe the technical & business requirements have already been set, you just need to figure out the right solution.

If you're not very familiar with Oracle's software licensing, trying to find the product and licensing level that fits your needs by working through all the different features matrices on your own is almost guaranteed to steer you towards over-purchasing, under-purchasing, or just purchasing the wrong license or product.

Instead of picking the wrong license and having to deal with a messy problem later on, now is a good time to get us involved. We'll meet with you to gain an understanding of your business and technical requirements and then pair you with the appropriate products and licensing to meet your current and future needs.

Only buy what you're using

It's not uncommon for licenses and product support to get renewed even though the organization no longer uses the software. This is even more of a problem if the wrong licensing and support was purchased in the first place.

Organizations can renew year after year and never realize they're paying for licenses they don't need and in some cases, not purchasing the licenses they do need.

Oracle changes product and product family names every couple of years and this often leads to confusion for licensing renewals. We've come across many businesses and governments buying licenses for products that no longer exist and aren't being used.

We offer license management as a service to address this issue. We keep track of all your Oracle licensing and review it on a regular basis to make sure you're getting what you need-nothing more, and nothing less.

This helps control unnecessary cost and makes it less likely you'll be in for a surprise if Oracle audits your software licensing. If you've begun using a product but don't have the appropriate licensing for it, we'll make sure you know so you can get covered and prevent an expensive under-licensing fees and unexpected purchases.

So if you've been trying to purchase and manage Oracle licensing on your own, we can be a resource to help you through your questions and make sure you're getting everything you need. Give us a quick call and we'll work to take away the pain of Oracle licensing for you.

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