Decades ago, there was simply the primo Oracle database engine along with Forms &  Reports.  PL/SQL and SQL were the traditional programming approaches.  Yes, there was also Pro*C and Pro*COBOL allowing the non-Oracle programmer access to the powerful feature-rich database.   Eventually Oracle developed business software applications for Finance and HR.  Oracle built their ‘Applications’ … for sale, using their own deeply-rooted technology products … Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle PL/SQL.

In the late 90’s, Oracle realized the Internet would be king forever.   Oracle also developed their own middleware software platform known as the Oracle Application Server which would eventually web-enable Oracle’s Applications, a huge internet boom. Also licensing agreement was entered Apache which allowed Oracle to Once everyone got over the Y2K hangover, suddenly Oracle went on an acquisition spree in the late 2000’s.  Eventually Oracle wasn’t just based on Oracle Technology. The technology acquisition of BEA WebLogic was needed to replace the love hate relationship Oracle customers had with the Oracle Application Server.

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