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Oracle resources for developers of all skill levels

July 5th, 2016

Online researchWhether you’re in search of information about a specific application that you’re working on or simply want to learn more about Oracle, there’s a place for all of your needs -

What is and what can you do there? is a community for the discussion of all things Oracle. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of this community is that it’s a place where developers of all skill levels can network and exchange information outside of the world of conferences. For many developers, this is a way to meet and learn from the best in the industry.

This forum isn’t only a place to find information about your projects. also frequently features announcements about job openings, conferences, presentations, code sharing, and more.

What makes so special?

There were plenty of resources for Oracle before came around. However, these resources were very spread out. If you were new to Oracle and searching for help, finding it could be a daunting process. The founders of brought all of that information to one location. Using the Slack platform, they made it easy for people to get answers from other specialists.

Who is for?

To put it simply, is a community for anybody involved with Oracle. Developers at all stages of learning will find content that’s helpful for them. is also a great place for managers and recruiting agencies who are looking for talent.

The most common use of, though, is to help developers finish excellent work. Developers value this community as a resource that will help them complete projects and get the desired results form Oracle.

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Survive the IT budget blues with Oracle APEX

January 15th, 2013

It's a challenging time for technology departments everywhere. Tightened budgets leave less and less money to support business critical applications at the same time that users and management are asking for new features. It seems like a scenario where everyone loses… but there's hope.

For many organizations, Oracle's Application Express (APEX) is the perfect solution to modernize applications without busting the IT budget.

What's APEX?

APEX is a web application development tool provided by Oracle. It's free to anyone using one of Oracle's database editions (Including the also free, Oracle Database Express). It can be used to migrate existing applications to the web or to build completely new applications from scratch.

Summing up APEX in one word, it's fast. Oracle built APEX with a focus on quick, easy development, rapid prototyping, and high performance. When we develop solutions using APEX it allows us to spend less time coding and more time getting to the root of business problems – building applications that save you money and perfectly match your needs.

An example: One of our customers, Simmons Global, recently came to us looking for help with their vendor certification process. Using APEX, we were able to quickly develop and implement a solution at a fraction of the cost of similar offerings from companies like IBM or Microsoft.

APEX's rapid prototyping gave us something to show management early on and helped us get useful feedback so that the end product matched what Simmons needed.

Moving to the web

Supporting proprietary client software is a huge cost for businesses running older applications. Even when businesses can afford to retain staff with the skills they need to keep their older applications running, they often can't find those people.

Using APEX to update and replace legacy applications removes these types of costs and headaches. The applications built with APEX are web-based. They run inside the web browser and don't require any proprietary software like Microsoft Access to run on the end user's computer.

Best of all, if you have existing development staff, they should be able to get up and running using APEX with a minimal learning curve, because APEX uses web standards like HTML and CSS as well as the easy-to-learn PL/SQL language. Even the development environment is web-driven. Everything is done in the browser.

A recipe for success

IT projects are notorious for their high failure rates and the last thing a cash-strapped business needs is a costly failure. That's why our customers and internal developers get so excited about APEX.

The low cost of development and solid foundation it provides allows us to build solutions that help businesses reduce overall costs and risks. APEX lets us solve problems instead of being a drag on the business with drawn-out development cycles and costly on-going support.

If you'd like to find out more about how APEX can be used to save your business time and money, contact us at 405-285-2500 or

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LSG Revamps the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry

November 13th, 2012

Earlier this year, LSG Solutions was contracted by the State of Oklahoma to update the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry web application site. Originally built back in the early 2000's, the original system was very informative, but had become out of date. While several similarities are in place, we also added several new features for the Oklahoma tax-payer and Oklahoma local law enforcement.

In addition, the specific technologies we used allowed us to hit a very tight federal grant deadline.

The Public Interface

Two of the primary benefits will be strongly appreciated by the Oklahoma citizen. First is the ability to see the location of sex offenders via a Google maps interface. Second is the ability to sign up for notifications when a sex offender moves into your specified area.

While the previous system simply listed out the names and address, the new Google maps interface gives the public the ability to easily visualize the location of a sex offender's residence. The mapping technology wasn't there when the system was originally launched in the early 2000's. Instead, you had to search by zip code and rely on a text-based list of addresses.

The new mapping capabilities bring the system up to date with what people currently expect in web-based location databases. It lets you search by address and specify how many miles around that address you want to search, then shows the results on a Google maps interface.

With the email notifications, you can enter one email address and up to five physical addresses to have monitored. Whenever there is any sex offender movement within your specified radius of each of those addresses, you'll receive an email notification.

The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Improvements

Regarding other improvements, the old system relied on an older web browser, Internet Explorer 6. Because that web browser was from 2001, most of the law enforcement officers were unable to update the database themselves. All those updates were passed to the Sex Offenders and Violent Offenders Unit, who were frequently backlogged as a result.

Now, with the new system more officers have access to update the data, which means more reliable, up to date information in the system.

Why LSG Solutions Was a Good Fit

In 2006 the Adam Walsh Act, aka SORNA, passed. The Act defined standards across all states. The work LSG Solutions recently completed was Phase One of the project, which brought the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry into compliance with the Act. As part of those upgrades, it added new features for the public interface and more modern compatibility for Oklahoma Law Enforcement.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections became aware of a grant that was available if they complied with the Adam Walsh Act before the end of August 2012. The work had to be done under a very specific deadline. The Oklahoma DOC didn't know if any company would be able to complete the project on time.

Fortunately, LSG was able to recommend and utilize specific rapid software development technologies that allowed for a much quicker turnaround than other companies. Phase one of the project began in May 2012, and ended in August 2012. The new system went live the final weekend in August, and hit the hard deadline required by the granting authority. Citizens are increasingly signing-up for notifications. Their online feedback has been very motivating. Now Law Enforcement can perform their activities while taking back the unusual burden placed on the Sex Offender Administration Unit. Both parties now can appreciate the features Google Maps brings for visual safety monitoring and locating the registered sex offender in the public.

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